24.mars 2020 - 14:54

Announcement from the Crisis authorities in Vestmannaeyjar

Tests of COVID-19 samples that were tested tonight revealed 11 new confirmed infections in Vestmannaeyjar. Of these newly detected 11 infections, 6 were already in quarantine. The total number of infected on Vestmannaeyjar is 487 people. Tracing of infection has not yet been completed for these people. The number of people in quarantine is increased by people who were confirmed to be infected yesterday evening because the tracing of the infection was completed in those people. The number of people in quarantine is 487 people. It is important for everybody to be careful about hygiene and to comply with isolation and quarantine instructions. Let’s all try to comply with the gathering ban and keep distance between each other. Good luck. 
Crisis authorities in Vestmannaeyjar
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